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wordpress tutorial

Statistics don’t lie.

If you’re wondering why WordPress tutorials have become so important then consider the following facts.
• Wordpress is currently the most popular content management system used in the web today.
• More than a fifth of every new website is powered by WordPress.
• In a listing of the top 1 million websites WordPress was used by over fourteen percent of these websites.
• WordPress has over 15,000 plugins.

WordPress is quite simply the number one choice for website creation and management. A WordPress Tutorial will show you how easy it is. More than 4 million WordPress sites are in use today and thousands more are being added each week. WordPress is accompanied with hundreds of useful plugins that you can use to improve the functionality and efficiency of a website. But first, in order for that to occur, you will need to understand how WordPress works.

And that’s where our WordPress Tutorials comes in.

Why the World Loves WordPress

WordPress is the web’s version of Brad Pitt or Sandra Bullock or The Queen. Almost everyone is in love with the website management system and the few people who are against WordPress are simply too few too matter or will soon be deported to a different universe.

But it’s not enough to just appreciate the popularity of WordPress. Before you begin with your WordPress Tutorials you’ll need to know why WordPress is so well loved. Understanding the benefits will show you how much you stand to gain from being a fan like the rest of everyone else.

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Learn From A WordPress Tutorial
Wordpress Tutorial Online

WordPress is Easy to Manage – Watch A WordPress Tutorial

Once you have your site up and running, managing it becomes fairly easy. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to manage a WordPress Site. If you know how to type and you’ve figured out how to use the buttons on your mouse, then you’re more than ready. You can edit content, upload new videos, add images and post blogs with a simple click.

You can also monitor your incoming traffic, reply to comments, provide options for subscriptions, and lots more.

Building the actual WordPress site or incorporating plugins is a little more difficult. But with our WordPress tutorials you’ll become skilled at it in no time.

WordPress is Free

You don’t need to pay anything for WordPress. WordPress is available freely for download from the site’s homepage. Once you’re done with our WordPress tutorials you might need to pay a little to have your website hosted but other than that, using WordPress won’t cost you anything.

You can download WordPress and immediately install it on a server online. In order to host WordPress successfully online, the hosting company that you choose will need to have the latest versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL installed. Be sure to ask the hosting company before proceeding.

WordPress can also be installed offline directly on your computer. This is a great way for you to set your site up, choose your themes and testing it to see how it’ll perform live. But, to do this, you will need to create a database and server for the files on your hard drive.

Don’t worry. Our WordPress tutorials will show you how to do this.

WordPress Plugins

If there is anything that most designers love more than the efficient content management system of WordPress, then it’s the number of plugins that it offers.

Do you wish to create an online portfolio? There’s a plugin for that. How about an ecommerce shopping cart? There’s a plugin for that as well.
WordPress is like the iPad of the design world. Anything’s possible.

You don’t need to be an excellent programmer before you can design complex WordPress pages. There are thousands different plugins available to WordPress users and hundreds more are constantly being added every month. Plugins can be used in improving the functionality and beauty of your pages. Some of the popular options include
• Slideshow Plugins
• Social Media Plugins
• Comment Plugins
• Google Analytic Plugins

There are thousands more to choose from. And with our WordPress tutorial, you’ll be able to learn how to incorporate and adapt these into your page.

WordPress is great for SEO

A lot of effort goes into the coding of WordPress websites. They are regularly updated to keep them in-line with the standards of the web. Newer versions are constantly being released to correct any discovered bug. Because of these, your site is less likely to fall foul of the many stringent laws that search engines continually introduce.

The efficient content management system of WordPress will make it easier for you to update the content of your site. This is important because dynamic sites with regularly updated content are rewarded with search engines.

You’ll also find hundreds of WordPress tools and Plugins that you can use in evaluating the performance of your website. You’ll be able to assess where your strongest traffic is coming from and identify which keywords are generating the most interest. A WordPress Tutorial can help.

WordPress Community

Behind WordPress is an extensive network made up of professionals who are constantly working on ways to improve the content management system. You’ll be able to get quick support with any issue that you might be having with your blog. You can log into the WordPress forum and discuss with other members on the best ways of improving the functionality of your site.

Watch A WordPress Tutorial To See How Flexible It Is

After close to a decade of being used for only blogs, WordPress has evolved into becoming more than just a blog publishing platform. It is now the preferred choice for publishing the websites of small to medium enterprises. During your WordPress tutorials, you’ll get to realize how flexible WordPress really is. Thanks to the vast resource pool of WordPress, you’ll be able to expand on the functionality of your site as the need arises.

There are many more benefits to using WordPress. You’re bound to discover even more as your skill level improves after watching a WordPress Tutorial.

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